Cost to Lower a Basement?

basement underpinning costSo our basement is short as hell.  The ceilings are, that is.  The City guy came over and told me that if we want to rent out the basement to some one, we need to lower the basement.  That means basement underpinning and I’m guessing that means money.

So I suppose someone’s gonna get rich here…and it ain’t me.

Does anyone know what the Basement Underpinning Cost is?  This company is Maryland has a website that doesn’t really tell me…just says to call them.  Well dammit, if I wanted to talk to someone on the phone, I’d have called your damn number a long time ago.  I’m just trying to figure out what this is gonna run me. I ain’t trying to invite some city guy with a clipboard over to the house to try an get my money!


Some of the neighbor folk told me it might cost as much as $20,000!!  Hell this damn house ain’t worth that much!

So I’m thinking about just starting to dig this thing out myself.  I got my boys and their friends to help me.  Maybe I can pull them away from there damn phones long enough to do something productive!!  I need about another 18 inches…so I’m gonna dig it out…lay some new concrete and invite that ugly inspection man back over to have a look-see.  Wish me luck!

Who the heck are Mountain People?

Mountain individuals are thrifty. Some will even leave the things labels on their rucksacks starting with one Greyhound trip then onto the next, regardless of the possibility that it’s two years after the fact, since they would prefer not to squander the paper. Mountain individuals are likewise high-rollers. They will dock their scruffy trucks in the club parking area, stroll in, and merrily lose all they have. En route, they’ll out-tip the hot shots. The beggar who approaches a mountain individual for a buck could get a twenty. Hello, everyone needs a decent day once in for a moment.

Mountain individuals are nostalgic – their lodges are loaded with exceptional rocks, dusty quills, and old love letters. Mountain individuals are useful – the lodge will likewise have an arrangement of attachment wrenches, no less than one move of conduit tape, and a window that opens onto something excellent.

Mountain individuals tend to chuckle excessively boisterous. In some cases they will giggle with tears in their eyes, saying things like “Beyond any doubt I’m discouraged, yet I don’t give it a chance to get me down” or “I’m just upbeat when I’m hopeless.” When mountain individuals are stuck in an unfortunate situation, they call other mountain individuals. It might be two in morning. They may state “Nothing should be settled. I simply need to hear some individual on the flip side of the line.”

A mountain individual will remain on the flip side of the line. On the off chance that asked, a mountain individual will truly give you the shirt off his back. In the event that you truly require a shirt, you most likely won’t need to inquire.

At the point when a mountain individual is twisted around by what harms, he will incline toward magnificence like an old man inclines toward his stick.

My companions are for the most part mountain individuals, however some may have never scaled a genuine mountain. (As the colossal Yosemite climber Doug Robinson once place it, in genuine mountaineering, no climbing is required.)

Individuals who move toward the West from some place level may be mountain individuals, or they may not. Some in any event need to be mountain individuals, which is a begin. Wannabe isn’t a messy word, not on the off chance that you wannabe exemplary.

In any case, to succeed, a wannabe should surrender a few things. Mountain individuals by need go light. Mountains are hazardous for the individuals who need security and sureness, in light of the fact that the main convictions a mountain will offer are gravity and disintegration, heart-puncturing tempests and rose-hued dreams.

Mountain individuals may likewise happen to be abandon individuals, or even stream individuals. That is on the grounds that mountain individuals realize that deserts and streams and mountains are three appearances of a similar god. They know this to be valid, regardless of the possibility that there is no god.

Mountain Talk

So I get a lot of outsiders asking me about Appalachia’s accents and say it’s hard to understand sometimes.  I’m new to you tube but this is pretty interesting.  I don’t know these folk, but I think they got it right.


My Kids are Dreamers

My kids were talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up. I never had a conversation like that with my parents. They would have kicked my ass to the crick and back! I worked with and for the family. A job wasn’t something I talked about til I was 16 years old. My first job was gathering firewood for a local general store. Dreaming too much wasn’t exactly allowed. But my kids are different. They have dreams. I think that’s ok. They ain’t gonna be President or nothing like that…but they’re gonna be special.

The other day, my sister took a Greyhound bus to Virginia to see some kin folk down there. When she got back, she had news that one of the cousins I grew up with had graduated from his high school and was planning on going to a college. That’s not exactly typical for us…but I was happy for him. My kids had questions for my sister all day about college and if they could go. I want them to be happy but they wasting they time if they think the schools around here are gonna get them in a college. With the price of it these days, they’ll be lucky if they even get to drive past a college some day.

Our Mountain Heritage

Mountain people ain’t hardly 21st century mavericks. We love our families and love the land we live on. We sleep in the rain and we can predict changes in the weather must faster better than any man in a suit on TV. Being under the blue skies of West Virginia is a blessing and we consider ourselves lucky.

We got dirt under our fingernails, our hair ain’t exactly perfect, and we don’t like ANY of music you do. The best things in life ain’t things…they’re people and their gifts from God. The world we live in blesses us with a quality of live you think is poor and we think is rich. There ain’t a man, woman or child in New York City richer than the families that we know living in the mountains.

My family is large and the hearts of my childrent beat inside me. I want the best things in life for them and that’s why I raise them to love people, love the land, and love their God. People are too quick to look outside themselves these days. Our children will be OK…don’t worry.

I wanted to start this blog to tell the story of my family. We’re not the dirtiest mountain people, but we ain’t exactly suburbanites either. So yes, I do have a computer…but I can’t say it brings me much joy. I love to write however and that’s why I’m doing this blog. I don’t own a TV and I want to keep it that way. The computer is more than enough technology for me.