Cost to Lower a Basement?

basement underpinning costSo our basement is short as hell.  The ceilings are, that is.  The City guy came over and told me that if we want to rent out the basement to some one, we need to lower the basement.  That means basement underpinning and I’m guessing that means money.

So I suppose someone’s gonna get rich here…and it ain’t me.

Does anyone know what the Basement Underpinning Cost is?  This company is Maryland has a website that doesn’t really tell me…just says to call them.  Well dammit, if I wanted to talk to someone on the phone, I’d have called your damn number a long time ago.  I’m just trying to figure out what this is gonna run me. I ain’t trying to invite some city guy with a clipboard over to the house to try an get my money!


Some of the neighbor folk told me it might cost as much as $20,000!!  Hell this damn house ain’t worth that much!

So I’m thinking about just starting to dig this thing out myself.  I got my boys and their friends to help me.  Maybe I can pull them away from there damn phones long enough to do something productive!!  I need about another 18 inches…so I’m gonna dig it out…lay some new concrete and invite that ugly inspection man back over to have a look-see.  Wish me luck!