My Kids are Dreamers

My kids were talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up. I never had a conversation like that with my parents. They would have kicked my ass to the crick and back! I worked with and for the family. A job wasn’t something I talked about til I was 16 years old. My first job was gathering firewood for a local general store. Dreaming too much wasn’t exactly allowed. But my kids are different. They have dreams. I think that’s ok. They ain’t gonna be President or nothing like that…but they’re gonna be special.

The other day, my sister took a Greyhound bus to Virginia to see some kin folk down there. When she got back, she had news that one of the cousins I grew up with had graduated from his high school and was planning on going to a college. That’s not exactly typical for us…but I was happy for him. My kids had questions for my sister all day about college and if they could go. I want them to be happy but they wasting they time if they think the schools around here are gonna get them in a college. With the price of it these days, they’ll be lucky if they even get to drive past a college some day.