Our Mountain Heritage

Mountain people ain’t hardly 21st century mavericks. We love our families and love the land we live on. We sleep in the rain and we can predict changes in the weather must faster better than any man in a suit on TV. Being under the blue skies of West Virginia is a blessing and we consider ourselves lucky.

We got dirt under our fingernails, our hair ain’t exactly perfect, and we don’t like ANY of music you do. The best things in life ain’t things…they’re people and their gifts from God. The world we live in blesses us with a quality of live you think is poor and we think is rich. There ain’t a man, woman or child in New York City richer than the families that we know living in the mountains.

My family is large and the hearts of my childrent beat inside me. I want the best things in life for them and that’s why I raise them to love people, love the land, and love their God. People are too quick to look outside themselves these days. Our children will be OK…don’t worry.

I wanted to start this blog to tell the story of my family. We’re not the dirtiest mountain people, but we ain’t exactly suburbanites either. So yes, I do have a computer…but I can’t say it brings me much joy. I love to write however and that’s why I’m doing this blog. I don’t own a TV and I want to keep it that way. The computer is more than enough technology for me.